Donations From Wedding Boutiques and Other Businesses

wedding boutique donationsA county jail isn’t put together without funding. Most people don’t even consider this fact, but it takes a lot of money in order for a jail to be put in place and take care of all the workers and the work that goes into it. All security workers must be paid a full salary and you must have enough staff to watch all the inmates in the cell. On top of this any county jail must meet the requirements of the state for the living conditions of each and every inmate. Each inmate must also be provided the food and amenities as required by the state. So how does this all work? How do jails get the money in order to function.

A couple of things come into mind on creating a functional facility. One way that some facilities acquire the funds to run is through donations. Another way is through the taxes that are required for people and businesses. If you’re talking about a jail in Seattle, then you might find it interesting that taxes from everywhere such as a business that sells wedding dresses in Seattle must contribute to taxes that may eventually go into this kind of thing. When speaking to the owner of Adore Bridal Boutique about this, she was surprised to hear that some of her tax dollars went into this.

There are many other businesses that also pay money into the jail. Painting contractor businesses, plumbing businesses, and even dental businesses are all required to contribute to the taxes that will eventually be used for a variety of things including paying for any inmates housed in the state.

Containment of any inmates does not come cheap. This is something that people really need to be aware of. So whether you are a business that sells wedding consignment or your some other type of business you could be contributing.


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